Bead&Button photos, Part I (Meet the Teachers)

The metal dust has settled, and we’re back into the swing of things again. We had an amazing time at the show. It’s always a whirlwind, but well worth it to meet so many customers and students face-to-face. Here’s our first round of photos.

Meet the Teachers Reception on Wednesday night:

Me! (Rebeca)



and a closer-up photo of Vanessa’s awesome scalemaille jacket:

My table was back-to-back with Sherry Serafini, an amazing beadwork artist. It was great to meet her in person. One of the first things I told her was how much I loved the Aerosmith belt she’d made. (Confession: I am an Aerosmith junkie. So much so, that I even have 5 Aerosmith tattoos!) As soon as I’d said that, she grinned, turned around, and grabbed this purse off her table. *swoon*

Stay tuned for more photos of happy customers in our booth, Bead Dreams and the B3 crew goofing off.

Bead&Button Show is over!

We did it! Kat, Jen & I just got back to Chicago and are taking the rest of today and tomorrow off before finishing the massive task of unpacking, restocking and catching up with emails. Sorry to keep you waiting even longer—but after working for a week straight (even longer, if you include all the weekends worked prior to the show) we need a bit of R&R! We’ll post photos of the show as soon as we can. And in the meantime, if you love beading & have a journalism background, we hear that Bead&Button magazine is hiring.

Bead&Button update – Saturday

Finally, a bit of a break. :-) Today is typically a slower day than other shopping days, but still nice and steady. We sold out of more instructions, so for those interested in Bold & Brilliant Byzantine, and our updated Dragonscale instructions, they’ll be available online soon. (Give us a couple of weeks to unpack and recover from the show) In the meantime, though, if there’s something you’re having trouble finding from your show wishlist, send an email to [email protected] or give us a buzz at 866.602.7464

A student stopped by to show me some of her micro rubber maille, which was stunning. I’ll definitely post a photo when I’m back.

Today’s show was only 8 hours, and we finished early enough to head to the Safe House for dinner, and it was even still light outside when we were done eating. Wow. Looking forward to the final day tomorrow, though not looking forward to packing up the booth. Where are the elves when you need em?

Bead&Button show update – Ummm, what day is it?

Dead tired. Loopy as all heck. Forgetting that meals come in options other than protein bars. Yet, somehow, very happy and satisfied with life right now. :-)

Today was another great day teaching and at the booth, just very long (show hours were from 10 am to 8 pm to be exact). For the last 3 hours of the day, I had a Captive Zen class, which was awesome. This group of people “got” the weave right away. I love it when that happens!

Saw some great chainmaille today–will post photos after the show ends and I have time to properly upload images. Looking forward to taking more photos tomorrow, when I have longer breaks and can wander the show floor and the Bead Dreams exhibit.

And finally:

Dear Hotel Guest(s) in Room 1130 – I’m sorry I always think your room is the exit to the staircase. If you think some jerk keeps trying to break into your room, um, yeah, that would be me just trying to squeeze in some exercise while I’m here. *sheepish grin* I swear I’ll figure it out by the end of my stay…

Bead&Button Show Update – Thursday

Whew. What a whirlwind. We had a blast this first day. Our goody bags were gone in less than 2 minutes, and there was literally a crowd of people running toward our booth to show us where Zed was to win a goody bag. (Actually, there were people camped out 2 hours before the show opened, getting their legs in shape for the sprint).

Sadly we sold out of some items already, but we are having more instructions printed tomorrow & receiving some items Express mailed from the studio, so hopefully we can restock soon!

Exhausted now. See you guys tomorrow!